sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013

[MES] PES2014 Multi Selector Tool - COMING SOON

So, I am creating this selector tool. Is the most complete PES 2014 Selector until now, I haven't finished it yet but I'm going to do it in a near future. I put here some previews to everyone see how is the program... I hope you like.

NEW: Today I'll work in the Selector so I think that I put it to download this week. Be patient because I am still finishing it.

[MES] PES2014 Multi Selector Tool (version 1.0) - COMING SOON

The download isn't enabled now but when I finish the Selector Tool I put it here and you can download it. See these previews, if you have any suggestion, request or you need help about something, I can help you (about what I know).

I hope you like.

2 comentários :

  1. WOW!!! so amazing, when will release it? sorry my bad english :D

    1. Muhd, I had a problem with the setup today, but the Tool is created and I am going to make a new setup file to the Selector so, I think I can release it tomorrow or in the weekend.


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